printing in singapore

How Printing Paper Is Created? 

Printing paper is essential in every printing services. This is where the final product is being transferred. Choosing the appropriate paper for digital design will affect the outcome of the printed materials. Usually, these printed materials are used in magazines, print ads, brochures, poster printing singapore, and others.

printing in singapore

Most paper is made by a mixture of wood fibers by using hot water to build a pulp. Other materials can be utilized too, such as recycled paper, plant-based fibers, however, wood is the most common and basic type of materials to be used to create printing papers.

Additives like dyes and fillers can also be used with pulp to enhance paper properties. Once mixed, the pulp is bleached and cleaned then it spread out into the mesh screen to enable water to drain. This is commonly practiced on a Fourdrinier machine which features a moving belt function. Once the pulp has been dried up, the outcome would be a sheet of paper.

When the sheet passes through a roll, it adds and creates patterns or watermarks on the sheet. Then it is pressed between the rollers machine to eliminate additional water before transferring to the heated rollers when the drying process is complete. Once the sheet is dried, the paper is rolled again onto reels.

Different Paper Textures 

When the sheet is dried and finished, the following textures will be developed:

  • Coated Paper – It offers a cleaner and crisper printing, especially in photos, other fine details. Below are the following types of coated papers:
    • Gloss
    • Satin
    • Matte
    • Dull
  • Uncoated Paper – Inks can be dried by absorbing it into the paper. Sometimes, the colors that are printed becomes dull. Below are the following types of uncoated papers:
    • Wove or Smooth
    • Laid
    • Linen